Welcome to our hopeful adoptive parent’s page. At AIM Adoptions, we help match hopeful parents with their adopted children. When you start the process to adopt in Texas through AIM Adoptions, we will get you started in the process as soon as possible. Once all the intake portion is complete, you will be added to our waiting families list for birth mothers to learn more about you.

How long will we have to wait for our child?

Trying not to sound vague, we have to be honest and tell you that, we don’t know! Some families are placed within weeks of completing the home study process. Others must wait for months. The average wait for families is that of a normal pregnancy.

In most cases, the biological parents participate in the selection process with appropriate staff personnel..then the Lord steps in and makes the decision! In special situations, families are chosen because they have indicated that they are open to circumstances which may surround the heritage, conception, pregnancy, or birth of a particular child.

You can greatly reduce your wait by thoroughly researching a variety of possibilities before completing an inquiry packet. Your pediatrician or the genetics department of a medical college are great sources of information.

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