Hoping To Adopt

Hoping To Adopt?

Our mission at AIM Adoptions began over 30 years ago. To place infants with loving families. On the day we opened our doors, and every day since, we have guided families through the journey of infant adoption. We are there every step of the journey to meeting your baby.

Our experienced team works closely with birth mothers and cares for them during their pregnancy, and beyond. During pregnancy, AIM Adoptions provides medical care, ministering, and counseling for birth mothers as they decide if adoption is the right decision for them. Should they choose to make an adoption plan, and choose the family to adopt their baby, we work closely with adoptive families to prepare them for the day they will meet their baby.

It’s a journey that only God can lead. The big moments, the tiny moments, every detail to adoption and creating a family is a miracle and in perfect timing.

If you feel your heart is open to infant adoption, welcome. Your family is about to begin a journey to one of your life’s greatest blessings. Your child.