I'm Pregnant
Bring meaning and purpose to your unplanned pregnancy and build a family through adoption.
I'm Hoping to Adopt

To adopt is one of life’s greatest blessings and deepest joy. If your family is considering adopting, we’d love to talk more with you.

Adoption Assistance for Everyone

Building Texas Families Since 1984
AIM Adoptions is an experienced and trusted Christian resource whose mission is to help all women facing an unplanned pregnancy with support, love and compassion as they undertake the journey of choosing life and a loving family for their child. We are a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 and have proudly served our Texas community for over 30 years. We passionately look forward to assisting with any child that God sends our way.
Abba's Kids
Connecting Hearts, Making A Way Home
AIM will be the adoptive parents’ Christian advocate. We will work to minimize the burdens of working directly through the foster care system. Though AIM will continue to be there for any birth mom that wishes to place her newborn, we will broaden God’s ministry reach with this new branch of the family tree, the ABBA Kids, branch. A vision where He can use the trust and reputation He has created through AIM among adoptive parents, to reach those truly in need of forever homes.
Our Story

How We Started

Founded in 1984 as Gulf Coast Placements then becoming Alternatives in Motion and now doing business as AIM Adoptions we continue to go strong! We have files for almost 1700 children that have been adopted through this agency. We are made up of people who have been touched by adoption in some way. Recently we were referred to as the “Cadillac of agencies.” We believe in what we do!

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