Abba’s Kids

Finding Loving Homes for Texas Children in Foster Care

Our team at AIM Adoptions has been traveling from one end of Texas to the other in our 30-year history as we pursued our mission of infant adoption. We felt pulled to the children in Texas foster care and created Abba’s Kids. Just as our team has traveled for our infant adoption program, so now we will find loving homes for Texas children in foster care.  There are over 4000 children waiting in the Texas foster care system who are legally ready to be adopted in Texas.  The parental rights have already been terminated so no foster care is needed. We hope you reach out to us if you feel moved to adopt a child from foster care. With your open heart, we will work together to bring children home. We won’t rest until we do. Contact to find out more.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in adopting through our Abba’s Kids program, here is a simplified overview of the process:

  1. Email for the application packet.
  2. Send in the application with pictures of you and any family and the front
    of house and back of house/yard.
  3. Attend an information meeting via zoom.
  4. Complete the application and return it to Abba’s Kids with: the $500 application fee, copy of your driver’s license, social security card, and a list of residencies for the past 10 years for us to run a criminal background check as required by state law.
  5. Complete the Parent, Resource, Informational, Developmental and Educational courses required by Abba’s Kids. (Both Virtual and In-
  6. Submit all necessary documents listed on the document checklist.
  7. Complete the home study/assessment process in order to obtain an approved home study this requires 2 in home visits)
  8. Once the home assessment and training course are completed, you will be licensed to adopt.
  9. Potential matches will be found, and redacted profiles will be sent to you for review.
  10. Once you have reviewed the file and agree to move forward, a meeting will be arranged with your family and the child (Abba’s Kids policies require you to complete two visits before an adoptive placement occurs).
  11. If all parties (you, as the adoptive family, Abba’s Kids, as the placing agency, and all parties involved on behalf of the child with CPS) agree this
    is a positive placement, the child will be placed in your home as an adoptive placement.
  12. The child remains under the managing conservatorship of CPS until the time that the adoption is finalized. According to regulations, the child
    must be in your home for six months before the adoption is finalized.
  13. After six months, the case goes before a judge for finalization. You are now a forever AIM family!