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Are you looking for information because you want to give up your baby for adoption? We don't believe that any mother wants to give up a baby for adoption. The mothers that we work with know that they are not giving up their baby. They are making a plan for their baby's life that will provide their child the most secure life possible. People who do not understand will often say that a mother is giving up a baby or even giving away a baby. We work hard in the community to educate others about the steps a mother takes while planning adoption for her baby. While you look at our website, try to eliminate the words "giving up a baby for adoption" and try to imagine the love all mothers feel for their child...even mothers who are in a position to have to look at all options available to her.
Birth mothers can receive immediate answers to their questions about adoption by clicking on the birth parent icon or by calling our 24 hour hotline at 800-776-6508. Birth parents wishing to correspond through email can do so by sending an email to or by filling out the online adoption inquiry.
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Christian adoptive parents may receive further information by filling out the online adoption inquiry.  A complete adoption packet will be returned by email. Once the inquiring adoptive parents have reviewed the packet, they may wish to make additional adoption inquiries by phone or directly to the adoptive family coordinator to
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Houston adoption agency providing adoption services and aftercare throughout Texas

A.I.M. is a licensed non-profit adoption agency providing adoption services to birth parents and Christian adoptive parents. Birth parents pay no fee for our confidential adoption counseling services. Christian adoptive parents receive extensive adoption information when applying for adoption through A.I.M.

Birth parents and adoptive parents seeking adoption services will find that our staff has a heart for adoption because they are birth parents, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees. A.I.M. provides a sensitive, loving approach to adoption because we have lived it.

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Open adoption is where the adoptive parents and the birth parents work together to keep information current through a variety of open adoption channels. Open adoption is ANY exchange of information and does not mean co-parenting. Some adoptive families and birth parents exchange information through the agency when the adoption agency receives the correspondence and then will copy all written material to maintain in the permanent adoption record. When the correspondence is copied, the adoption agency will forward the originals to the intended adult party. It is the responsibility of the adoptive parent and the birth mother to keep their addresses current with the adoption agency. Other forms of open adoption may occur when the adoptive parents and the birth parents exchange identifying information such as their email addresses, telephone numbers, and possibly mailing addresses. In these forms of open adoption, the adoptive parent and the birth parent have direct contact that will not include the supervision of the adoption agency. Open adoption is an act of faith between the adoptive families and the birth parents…there are no laws that support or control an open adoption.

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