There is a calming peace that overwhelms many birth mothers when they make the decision to place their baby for adoption. For many, it is overwhelming relief that their baby will get the love and care they deserve that the birth mother knows that they cannot provide, and for others, it is the reassurance that they are absolved of the parental duties they did not want. 

Very few women get pregnant with the intention of placing their baby for adoption — with altruistic surrogacy being the exception but is typically planned prior to conception. The vast majority of birth mothers who place their babies for adoption are those who sustained an unplanned pregnancy. While many birth mothers are in positions where they cannot provide for the pending child — perhaps they are underage (still a child themselves), homeless, unwed, the victim of assault, in an abusive situation, addicts, or have discovered the baby will have special needs. Whatever the case may be, society is much more accepting of a birth mother who chooses adoption as an option to offer a better life for her child. However, we are here to tell you that whatever your reason is, placing your baby for adoption is one of the noblest things you can do, shrouded in love. Yes, even if you just don’t want the child. 

Societal norms have made many women feel as though having children is the ultimate goal, and that if you found yourself facing a pregnancy, you were meant to be a mother. But, we disagree. Sometimes God gives the gift of a child to a mother who was meant to deliver the baby to someone else. 

If you have discovered you are pregnant and have never had the desire to be a mother, or you already have children and just don’t want another one, that is okay. There is no judgment in adoption. And, we firmly believe that if you don’t want a child that you can provide for and you make the decision to keep it, they will feel the fact that they were not wanted, which can affect development. There are more hopeful families waiting to adopt than there are children who need homes, and domestic adoptions by mothers who partner with adoption agencies for placement of their child require far less politics and legal intervention than foster-to-adopt programs or relinquishing of parental rights and adoption later in life. 

With all that said, there is no “ideal reason” to place your baby for adoption. If you simply don’t want to be burdened with raising the child, that is okay. You have the option to choose how much involvement you have with the adoptive family and the child’s life. And, if you don’t want to be involved after the delivery, that’s okay too. At AIM Adoptions, we have helped thousands of Texan mothers find loving families who are desperately searching for a child to call their own. Every adoption story is unique, but everyone has the same end result — families completed and children finding loving homes. 

To find your peace, let yourself feel and express whatever it is you feel and surrender yourself to the best decisions for yourself, knowing that it is also the best decision for your baby. There is absolutely nothing selfish about placing your baby for adoption. Allowing your baby to have the life it deserves, even when that means it is with someone else is one of the best examples of unconditional love that there is. Connect with us to find the support you need today.