Cason and Jason

Hello! We are Cason and Jason. We met in college in 2002 and started dating in 2004. We were married in 2006 and just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Our son, Gabe, is four years old and we were blessed to adopt him with the help of AIM in 2016. We are hoping to grow our family again through adoption.

Jason is a data analyst and Cason is a telecom consultant who works part time. Her part time schedule means Gabe spends more time at home and isn’t in daycare full time.

Adoption was never plan B for us. We’ve known since before we were married that Cason would not be able to have biological children so we’ve always planned on adoption to grow our family.

We both have large families that we love spending time with, especially at the holidays. We are involved in our church and have a loving and supportive church family. Jason loves to cook and we host dinner parties for our friends. We enjoy spending time together as a family visiting museums, parks, or the zoo.

We look forward to meeting you. We pray for peace for you as you explore the options for your child. Our hearts and lives are open and ready to give your child unconditional love.

Wade, Cathy and Gabriel

We are Wade and Cathy. We have been married for seven years and have built a marriage based on Christian values: faith, hope and love.
We were blessed to adopt Gabriel in 2018 and are ready to grow our family once again! We both come from large families that are full of faith, love and traditions. We imagine our children going with us to church on Sundays, praying before dinner every night, playing with cousins at birthday parties, doing homework at the kitchen table, taking walks around the neighborhood, going to their first Astros’ game, and enjoying many family traditions. When visiting family in south Texas, we see our children playing on the beach at South Padre and playing Loteria with great grandmother and cousins. When visiting family in Louisiana, we see our children catching Mardi Gras beads at a parade and eating Cajun food. We are so excited about the future and becoming a family of four!

Adam and Lauren

Hello! We are the Lee Family: Adam, Lauren, and Booker.  We have been married about 5 years, and we live in Huffman, Texas right by Lake Houston, for the last 3.  We have loved having access to parks and the lake with a bit of a slower life style right next to a very diverse community where we spend most of our time, in Atascocita.

Adam is an outside salesman for McCoy’s Building Supply. He loves meeting new people and working with them to build homes. Lauren is a “retired” teacher, now a full time stay-at-home mom who teaches ESL and serves with our church.  Booker is a happy boy who loves all kinds of cars, exploring, and helping Mama. We all enjoy spending time outdoors going to parks and walking, and spending time with cousins and grandparents who live nearby.

We have always wanted to grow our family through adoption, so a few years after we were married we started working with AIM Adoptions, and Booker joined the Lee family in 2019.  As Booker has grown, we realized our family is not yet complete, and we are ready to grow to a family of 4.

We are hopeful to grow our family, to increase the love that we have to share with another child and their first family.  Booker has been learning to help care for a new baby, too, though he still pushes his “maemy” (baby) down the slide a little fast.

John and Laura

Hello, we are John and Laura. The two of us met in college, settled down, and built both a home and marriage around    mutual trust, support, and love. Laura is a teacher, John is a software engineer, and we have been married for    fourteen years.

We were blessed with our daughter, Miranda, in 2014 and would love to grow our family further. We love visiting our relatives, exploring the neighborhood parks, and having fun around the house. We have so much love to share and Miranda would absolutely love to have a brother or sister!

We look forward to meeting you and pray for you while exploring your adoption choices. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and please know we will love all our children equally and fully!

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