Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and frightening.

You may be searching for answers and a way to make everything work out for everyone. Perhaps you’ve considered all the obvious options: abortion, but you know that just because the pregnancy is unplanned doesn’t mean that you want to kill your baby; keeping it, but you know that you don’t have the want or the means to care for it; and adoption, but you fear that your baby will grow up confused, thinking its mother didn’t want it. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your options are full of choices and are made with love. Join us today as we explain some of the ways that adoption helps you express your love and devotion to your unborn child.

Placing your baby for adoption offers it more opportunities. 

Despite a common misconception that babies are put up for adoption because they are unwanted or unloved. We find this is very false. Babies who are unwanted or unloved end up in dumpsters, or loveless homes where they are neglected or abused. Babies who are loved, but are born to mothers who are not ready or not stable put their babies up for adoption in hopes for a better future for them. Adoption is a birth mother’s loving attempt to offer their baby a better life while making a life for themselves. It is not a selfish act, but a very selfless one, indeed. Babies who are adopted into loving homes:

  • Do better academically and have higher educational aspirations,
  • Are more likely to finish school and seek higher education levels,
  • Are less likely to live in poverty or receive public assistance,
  • Are more likely to have planned families, and are less likely to divorce,
  • Are just as well-adjusted as their non-adopted peers,
  • Are raised by committed parents in a stable home,
  • Have a better physical, mental, and medical health,
  • Are raised with more one-on-one attention from parents, and
  • Are more involved in extracurricular and community activities.

Placing your baby up for adoption allows you more opportunities.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your unplanned pregnancy, becoming a mother is a huge undertaking. Most girls dream of finding the right man, getting married and then having beautiful children. For many, however, this dream is a fairy tale that will likely never come true. Life happens, accidents happen, and life hands most of us a scenic route to navigate uncharted. For many young women, an unplanned pregnancy means that it was with a partner who does not want to be involved or is not involved or as a result of a less-than-ideal situation. Whether the unplanned pregnancy is a result of a one-night-stand, conceived in an abusive relationship, a product of assault, a baby that will be born in to less-than-limited resources, or an untimely event that will significantly impact your future, adoption is an option that may help make a better life for both your baby and you! Birth mothers who place their babies up for adoption by loving parents:

  • Are more likely to finish school and attain higher education,
  • Are less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance,
  • Are more likely to plan their family and less likely to divorce,
  • Are more likely to attain successful employment and a meaningful career, and
  • Are less likely to have another unplanned pregnancy.

At AIM Adoptions we understand that unplanned does not mean unwanted and that just because you are not ready or able to be the responsible parent that your child deserves, that you are unwilling to give it the life it deserves. When you choose to place your baby up for adoption through AIM Adoption agency, you are choosing a better life for both your baby and for you. Adoption is a selfless act of pure love for your unborn baby. Contact us to learn about all of your options.