The Infant Adoption Process

Our Adoption Process

The journey to adoption at AIM Adoptions is one where the adoptive family, and birth mother work closely with the AIM team. 

Step 1 Orientation

Attend a half day seminar to share the history and mission of AIM, meet our team, learn the legal process to adoption, learn about AIM's birth mother services.

Step 2 Education

A Couples interview with the AIM team after a family decides to work with AIM. This is a mini assessment meeting to get to know the husband and wife, and learn if it's a good fit for both the family and the agency. Group Seminar (formally GHS): This all-day seminar is to hear from adoptive families, birth families, adult adoptees and staff about open adoption, relationships, expectations, services, etc. Individual Interviews – You will provide me the required autobiography and I will meet with each prospective parent and go over them. The visits usually last 2-3 hours.

Step 3 Home Study

An all day visit in your home by an adoption from AIM Adoptions to assess your family, all members that live in home, as well as see the space the child will be living.

Step 4 Waiting

Wait time for each family to meet their baby can vary significantly. On average, wait time is more than a year and can be longer.

Step 5 Birth Parent(s) Choose You

Each family builds a family book that AIM shows birth mothers. Each birth mother reviews the family books, and makes a selection of the family she wishes to place her baby with. The AIM Adoptions team reaches out to the family to notify them of their selection, and then the adoptive family decides if they would like to proceed with the adoption.

Step 6 Meet the Birth Parent(s)

Typically a lunch hosted by the AIM Adoptions team where the adoptive family and birth mother meet to have a meal and meet one-another.

Step 7 Birth & Baby Placement

The AIM Adoption team will remain in close contact with the adoptive family during labor, deliver, and meeting their baby for the first time.

Step 8 Post Placement & Adoption Finalization

The AIM Adoptive team will check in periodically with the adoptive family and baby in-person. We're family now.

Step 9 Post Adoption

Our team is here for your family, reach out when you have questions and join our community! We love to gather together throughout the year!
Choose a second chance at life, choose adoption.
At AIM Adoptions, we understand that an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can be stressful, and that you have a lot of tough choices to make. We are here to help support and care for you and your baby as you help build families. If you are struggling with the burdens of pregnancy or dealing with trauma, our support services can help you through this time. Our staff has more than 40 years of experience helping birth mothers find loving families for their babies. We greet each mother with judgment-free open arms. Whatever your circumstance, whatever your reasons, whatever your choice — trust the loving support at AIM Adoptions. Contact us with all of your questions today.