1. You Just Don’t Want a Child — That’s Okay

    There is a calming peace that overwhelms many birth mothers when they make the decision to place their baby for adoption. For many, it is overwhelming relief that their baby will get the love and care they deserve that the birth mother knows that they cannot provide, and for others, it is the reassu…Read More

  2. So You’re Considering Adoption?

    When you find yourself in a position where adoption is an option, undoubtedly, you are likely flooded with emotions and overcome with doubt. We’ve met plenty of mothers in situations where they cannot afford a roof over their own heads or food to fill their own bellies, or are in no position to ra…Read More

  3. Common Reasons Women Place Their Babies For Adoption

    In the face of an unplanned pregnancy, a woman — and her partner, if he is involved — has to make one of three choices: parent the child, terminate the pregnancy, or place the baby for adoption. Each year in the United States, about half of all pregnancies are unplanned. For many families, makin…Read More