1. You Just Don’t Want a Child — That’s Okay

    There is a calming peace that overwhelms many birth mothers when they make the decision to place their baby for adoption. For many, it is overwhelming relief that their baby will get the love and care they deserve that the birth mother knows that they cannot provide, and for others, it is the reassu…Read More

  2. Preventing Post Abortion Stress Disorder (PASD)

    Abortion is considered a taboo subject that most people are not comfortable discussing. Of course, most people are more than willing to give their opinion of whether they are pro-choice or pro-life, but very few understand the topics and controversy surrounding the subject or the rabbit hole of subt…Read More

  3. Unplanned Does Not Mean Unwanted: Expressing Love Through Adoption

    Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and frightening. You may be searching for answers and a way to make everything work out for everyone. Perhaps you’ve considered all the obvious options: abortion, but you know that just because the pregnancy is unplanned doesn’t mean…Read More