Here at AIM Adoptions we have many families come because they have heard about how we care for our birth families and adoptive families. We believe that testimonies are a good way for that to be shared. Interestingly enough, we hardly ever have to ask for a testimonial. Many times after an adoption we will get a letter in the mail that shares their AIM experience. We hope these help your confidence in trust for an agency that loves making new families through adoption.

Ryan & Renee

Monday June 15th started as any other day for my husband, Ryan and myself. We went to work and came home to prepare our house for the storm that was approaching that evening. Ryan ran out to grab pizza for dinner while I stayed home doing a few things around the house. At 7:15pm the phone rings and a call from Denise, our social worker, went something like this:

Me- “Hello.”
Denise- “How are y’all doing?”
Me- “We are just getting ready for the bad weather.”
Denise- “Where is Ryan?”
Me- “He went to get pizza. Should be back shortly.”
Denise- “Y’all may want to let that pizza get cold. Your son was born at 3:09pm this afternoon.”

I immediately burst into tears after my brain processed what was really happening. We spoke for a few more minutes, and I told her I would have Ryan call her when he came in because I wouldn’t remember much of our conversation. All I could think about was getting to that sweet boy. I hurried and cleaned the makeup that was dripping down my face just in time for Ryan to walk in the door. I wanted him to “get the call” too, so I tried my hardest to act normal (nearly impossible after the news I just got). As he walked in I told him that Denise had called and needed to speak to him about something, and that she needed to talk to him tonight before it got late. He responded that he knew she would be calling to talk about a fundraiser deadline that happened to be that evening. Little did he know she was about to change his life forever. He called her and got the joyous news that our son was waiting for us at the hospital. He was shocked I was able to keep it a secret from him when he walked in the door. He hung up the phone, and we screamed, cried, laughed, and prayed.

Before we left, we Facetimed both of our parents to let them know what was happening. It was so exciting to be able to see their faces as we told them even though they live in a different state. The excitement, shock, and joy from all four of them was evident. We also called our siblings to let them know and to start praying. We quickly packed a bag which included a onesie and a blanket, grabbed the carseat, and headed out the door. It is hard to put into words the emotions we felt at that moment. It was an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness, excitement, and joy. I don’t remember much about the 45 minute car ride except praying for the baby and his birthparents, and discussing that his name would be Charles and called Charlie, Ryan’s first name. We hadn’t decided on a middle name yet, but a first name was a start.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:35pm and were instructed to enter through the ER. Security then escorted us down a long hallway to the elevators. The security guard instructed us where to go and left us to walk alone. We looked at each other and realized our dreams were finally coming true after a hard fought journey to parenthood.

We approached Labor and Delivery to find Denise waiting for us. We hugged and cried and headed into the nursery. We have never been so giddy in our lives. A nurse escorted us straight to our son. It was the single most beautiful moment in our lives. It was at that moment we realized that God’s plan for our lives was greater than we ever imagined. We were holding a true miracle, our son. We knew waiting the 48 hours would be tough, but we trusted in the Lord’s plan and prayed that Charlie was meant to be ours. The hospital was full, but the staff allowed us to stay with him in a lactation room for the full 48 hospital stay, except nights where we stayed close by to get some sleep (yeah right). On the last day in the hospital we finally decided on his name, Charles Francis Clary. Charles is Ryan’s first name and Francis is my grandfather’s name, who was also adopted, and Ryan’s grandmother’s name.

Denise was an amazing source of encouragement during that 48 hours. She was in conversation with his birth parents the entire time. They agreed to meet us after papers were signed. It worked out that Charlie was discharged 48 hours after birth at the same time his birthparents were at the agency doing paperwork. Ryan and I were so anxious and excited to meet the two people who so selflessly made a decision for Charlie and made our dreams of becoming parents come true. We were discharged and headed over to the agency to meet them. Meeting them was an amazing experience. It was so comfortable. We loved them before we met them and meeting them face-to-face solidified that feeling. They are truly our heroes and we are forever grateful for them. Working with AIM was a wonderful experience. We consider Denise family. The agency truly makes dreams come true.