Dustin and Amanda

About Us

We are Dustin and Amanda. We met in 2015 and were married in 2016. Piper was born in 2017, Dean in 2019, and Dietrich in 2022. We have one dog, Moana, who we welcomed in 2018 for Piper’s first birthday; Moana is the best guard dog but oh so gentle with our children.

Dustin is an electrical engineer and works from home two days a week. Amanda is a full time stay at home mom. We live in a suburb in north Houston in a neighborhood with lots of families with young children. Our favorite thing about our house is having everyone over for swimming and food.

We spend our days making big and small memories with our children. We are involved in our local church and attend as many preschool and kids events as we can! Often our family is found going to the different children’s museums and indoor play areas in our area of Houston, neighborhood parks, walking or riding bikes on the neighborhood trails, weekly trips to the library, swimming in our backyard and lots of play dates with our friends. Our house is full of laughter and noises of kids playing.

Piper is homeschooled and in first grade. We have many homeschool friends and are often on the go learning with them at museums and the zoo. She also takes dance lessons-ballet, jazz and tap, her favorite. She is a mini momma and nurtures and loves and protects all little ones. She is the best big sister. Piper loves princesses and baby dolls and Barbies and all things girly but will get muddy and dirty with the boys (and often leading the pack).

Dean attends the preschool at our church two days a week. He is fiercely protective and loves to “save the day” as a superhero or a police officer or firefighter. He is often shy when he first meets people but opens up his big personality and lots of snuggles once he is comfortable. Dean is a large source of laughter with his silliness and imagination. Currently he’s learning more tricks on his scooter and bike.

Dietrich also attends the preschool at our church two days a week. He is fearless and brave and climbs everything he can. Dietrich loves to wrestle and rough house but becomes so gentle with play mates smaller than him. Every day he seems to learn a new word or skill or says something funny copying his siblings. Dietrich loves to join any game his older siblings are playing and hates being left out.

It is safe to say that any baby welcomed into our home would be surrounded by so much love and attention and cuddles and join our adventures. We know you are making a hard decision for a baby you love dearly and are praying for you as you make a decision for your child.