Cody and Kate

AIM Adoptions waiting family

About Us

Hi! We are Cody and Kate. We have known each other since junior high and reconnected later in life. We have been married for a little over one year and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Cody’s son Aiden is with us part time. He is the best kid and will be the best big brother. We also have Minnie (little dog in Kate’s lap) and Teddy (bigger dog in Cody’s lap). They are hilarious and sweet and love nothing more than playing with Aiden in the backyard. We are all so excited for our adoption journey and to welcome a child into our family. 

Cody is in sales and usually works from home a few days a week. Kate works in security in the tech industry and works from home full-time. We are both lucky to have worked in different positions and places throughout our careers and love what we do. 

We love to spend time together as a family. We like to on bike rides, take walks, and play outside in the backyard. We do Friday movie nights where we make popcorn and switch off picking the movies. In the winter we make smores in the backyard (a favorite activity of Aiden’s) and In the summer we spend time at a pool we belong to (another favorite activity of Aiden’s). 

We love to travel and explore new places. Both of us have traveled to several different places and countries over the years and we intend to continue to that as a family. We have a few fun trips that we are excited about coming up (San Diego and then a family cruise in the Caribbean). 

We are close to both sides of our families and spend time with them all often. Holidays are a big thing in our home and with our extended families. We love starting our own family traditions and carrying on those from our extended families. Everyone in our family is so excited to welcome a child.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family. Our prayers are with you explore your adoption choices. It is an honor to welcome a child into our family and we promise to love unconditionally and completely.