1. Planning Your Adoption Day Celebration

    Adoption Day, also referred to as “gotcha day,” has been a tradition in adoptive families since the inception of formal adoption. For many families and adoptees, this day is a celebration of the end of a very long and turbulent road of becoming a family. Most families have their own ways of cele…Read More

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    Tips to Easing Into Life as an Adoptive Family

    When you become a complete family by adopting a child, it is likely the culmination of years worth of hoping, praying, crying, and many sleepless nights. You will undoubtedly feel overwhelming relief, joy, and love when you hold your child for the first time, knowing that they are yours. You have pr…Read More

  3. AIM Adoptions first few days with baby houston

    Adoption: The First Few Days

    Being a parent is perhaps the most wonderful experience in the world, and yet, it is also the most daunting, difficult, and awe-inspiring task. After all, everything you say and do can impact your child; it’s surreal the power parents actually hold when it comes to influencing their kids’ lives.…Read More

  4. Making Adoption Final in Texas

    AIM Adoptions is a non-profit, Christian adoption agency located in beautiful Houston, Texas. We have been helping birth mothers place their babies for adoption for over 30 years. We believe there are no accidents in this world, even when a pregnancy is unplanned. God has a plan for that baby, and w…Read More

  5. AIM Adoption in Houston is adoption right for your family

    Is Adoption Right for Your Family?

    The desire to be a parent can be a strong one. After all, you want a child to share your life with, to raise to be an outstanding member of society, and to show them the wonders in life. Parenthood is a wonderful blessing, and no doubt a gift from God. You’ve wanted a child all your own for a whil…Read More

  6. open versus closed adoption AIM Adoptions Houston

    Open Versus Closed Adoptions

    There are many unknowns surrounding adoptions that both birth parents and adoptive parents face. One of the common fears that both biological and adoptive parents face is the relationship that will form between the child and the biological parents. This forms the essence of open versus closed adopti…Read More