1. AIM Adoption in Houston is adoption right for your family

    Is Adoption Right for Your Family?

    The desire to be a parent can be a strong one. After all, you want a child to share your life with, to raise to be an outstanding member of society, and to show them the wonders in life. Parenthood is a wonderful blessing, and no doubt a gift from God. You’ve wanted a child all your own for a whil…Read More

  2. types of adoptions AIM Adoptions houston

    Types of Adoptions

    Adoption. The word itself conjures up a myriad of emotions for those who have experienced it, whether you’ve adopted a child, given up a child, or you’ve helped others in the process. Adoption is a noble pursuit taken on by families who want to give children a loving home and a noble sacrifice f…Read More

  3. open versus closed adoption AIM Adoptions Houston

    Open Versus Closed Adoptions

    There are many unknowns surrounding adoptions that both birth parents and adoptive parents face. One of the common fears that both biological and adoptive parents face is the relationship that will form between the child and the biological parents. This forms the essence of open versus closed adopti…Read More

  4. AIM Adoptions telling your child they are adopted houston

    How to Explain Adoption to Your Adopted Child

    You’re over the hump of adopting your newborn baby or child. While it was sometimes an arduous and tedious task, you’ve all settled in and are enjoying all that life has to offer. However, as your child ages, he or she may begin to ask questions about their biological parents. This can happen fr…Read More

  5. birth father's rights in texas AIM Adoptions houston

    Adoption and Biological Fathers’ Rights in Texas

    As everyone knows, it takes two people to make a baby. While the focus is largely on the birth mother who has decided to give up her baby for adoption, the biological father has rights as well. In most cases, both the biological father and mother are on the same page when it comes to adoption in the…Read More

  6. changing mind about adoption AIM Adoptions houston

    Adoption: When Can You Change Your Mind?

    The decision for birth mothers to place their babies for adoption is one of the hardest they will ever have to make, and the path is definitely not a straight one. In fact, it is probably about as zig-zagged as you’ll ever see, as the birth mom wavers between giving up her baby and not. AIM Adopti…Read More

  7. A pregnant woman holds a bouquet of pink daisies next to her round belly. Photo by Ashton Mullins for Unsplash.

    You Are Not Alone: Supporting a Teen Pregnancy

    The teenage years are hard enough as is, but the added stress of an unexpected pregnancy during this time can cause an even greater strain on family dynamics and friendships. Although this unanticipated scenario may be difficult to navigate, the good news is that there are many ways to support a pre…Read More

  8. Preventing Post Abortion Stress Disorder (PASD)

    Abortion is considered a taboo subject that most people are not comfortable discussing. Of course, most people are more than willing to give their opinion of whether they are pro-choice or pro-life, but very few understand the topics and controversy surrounding the subject or the rabbit hole of subt…Read More

  9. Common Reasons Women Place Their Babies For Adoption

    In the face of an unplanned pregnancy, a woman — and her partner, if he is involved — has to make one of three choices: parent the child, terminate the pregnancy, or place the baby for adoption. Each year in the United States, about half of all pregnancies are unplanned. For many families, makin…Read More