1. Tackling Transracial Adoption Issues

    When you adopt a child, you do so out of unconditional love and an overwhelming desire to parent a child. You, like many parents, may have no issue with a child who is a different race or comes from a different culture than your family. However, as the child ages, along with adoption identity challe…Read More

  2. Unplanned Pregnancy Statistics

    If you are experiencing an unplanned or unintended pregnancy, you are not alone. Each year in the United States, more than 3 million pregnancies are unintended, and worldwide, nearly 30% of all pregnancies are unplanned. In today's post, we will discuss some of these numbers, their implications, and…Read More

  3. young girl with eyes closed and hands raised to face in prayer

    What The Bible Says About Adoption

    At AIM Adoptions, we are proud to be a Christian-based adoption agency serving the greater Houston area. We combine grace and love to help young mothers who are facing unwanted pregnancies find the right solution for their baby by placing them into the waiting arms of loving Christian families. Whil…Read More

  4. smiling faces of a woman and young girl holding an umbrella

    Tips to Easing Into Life as an Adoptive Family

    When you become a complete family by adopting a child, it is likely the culmination of years worth of hoping, praying, crying, and many sleepless nights. You will undoubtedly feel overwhelming relief, joy, and love when you hold your child for the first time, knowing that they are yours. You have pr…Read More

  5. AIM Adoptions first few days with baby houston

    Adoption: The First Few Days

    Being a parent is perhaps the most wonderful experience in the world, and yet, it is also the most daunting, difficult, and awe-inspiring task. After all, everything you say and do can impact your child; it’s surreal the power parents actually hold when it comes to influencing their kids’ lives.…Read More

  6. Making Adoption Final in Texas

    AIM Adoptions is a non-profit, Christian adoption agency located in beautiful Houston, Texas. We have been helping birth mothers place their babies for adoption for over 30 years. We believe there are no accidents in this world, even when a pregnancy is unplanned. God has a plan for that baby, and w…Read More

  7. AIM Adoptions houston history of adoptions

    History of Early Adoption

    The act of adoption has been around since the dawn of humans. Even in nature, you’ll see orphan babies being taken in by others whose parents have died while they were still too young to fend for themselves. AIM Adoptions is an adoption agency in Houston, Texas. We specialize in helping birth moth…Read More

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    History of Adoption in the United States

    In our previous blog post, we took a look at early adoption. Early adoption has evolved over the years from being used to strengthen royal families to having the church take over orphans and finally to having orphans being turned into little more than slaves. Life was not fun if you were an orphan b…Read More