1. Adoption Rights For Birth Fathers

    Ideally, the decision to place a baby for adoption will include both the birth mother and the birth father. However, there are many reasons that the father may not be involved or know about the adoption process before it begins. When an open adoption in Texas is in process, a birth father is notifie…Read More

  2. Birth Mother Counseling and Peer Support

    If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s likely that you are dealing with a wide range of emotions including guilt, fear, confusion, uncertainty, griff, and worry. You may be wondering where you can turn for help or who you can talk to that will understand what you are experiencing.  Know …Read More

  3. You Just Don’t Want a Child — That’s Okay

    There is a calming peace that overwhelms many birth mothers when they make the decision to place their baby for adoption. For many, it is overwhelming relief that their baby will get the love and care they deserve that the birth mother knows that they cannot provide, and for others, it is the reassu…Read More

  4. 5 Things You May Feel When Placing Your Baby For Adoption

    An unplanned pregnancy, as well as the solutions, are charged with emotion. Some, you may expect and be prepared to handle, while others may leave you confused and doubtful. It's important to remember that everything you feel when placing your baby for adoption is valid and you shouldn't deny those …Read More

  5. So You’re Considering Adoption?

    When you find yourself in a position where adoption is an option, undoubtedly, you are likely flooded with emotions and overcome with doubt. We’ve met plenty of mothers in situations where they cannot afford a roof over their own heads or food to fill their own bellies, or are in no position to ra…Read More

  6. Planning Your Adoption Day Celebration

    Adoption Day, also referred to as “gotcha day,” has been a tradition in adoptive families since the inception of formal adoption. For many families and adoptees, this day is a celebration of the end of a very long and turbulent road of becoming a family. Most families have their own ways of cele…Read More

  7. Tips For Becoming a Grandparent Through Adoption

    You’ve supported your child and their spouse through the decision to have children and perhaps through infertility. Now they are adopting your grandbaby and you may be facing mixed emotions. Grief that you are not having the grandchildren you once dreamed of, maybe disconnected because you don’t…Read More