The Bible tell us that “we are to take care of the widows and orphans”. Yet, we have over 7000 children in Texas needing a family. These children are legally ready to be adopted. A large number of the 7000 children have been waiting for years. Our passion at AIM with our Abba’s Kids initiative is to place individual children and sibling groups in Christian, loving, FOREVER families. We can do this one child or sibling group at a time.


Our Abba’s Kids program begins with understanding each child, and working with families who are approved to adopt with AIM Adoptions to make a forever connection. The one that God planned before we ever knew it. We work with the child, and the applicant family to find the right home, and make a family whole. Abba’s Kids is the way home for Texas children currently in foster care whose parenting rights have been terminated.


We have found people are scared of “foster care” thinking they will be a part of CPS. I understand. However, this isn’t fostering, this is adoption. Significant difference than fostering. These children are being placed into your home for the purpose of being adopted.

Another concern for many is the cost of adoption. In our ABBA’s kids program, all families pay for is the required training.

Children adopted from CPS are eligible to receive a free college education at a state college as well as state insurance. And if you use an attorney who will accept the state rates for this kind of adoption, finalization is paid for.


Every child deserves to be loved. 

Every child deserves parents that love them. 

Every child WANTS a family and a home.

If you want to find out more about our program, reach out directly, we’d love to chat.

In Him, 

Denise Sowders

Executive Director