Welcome back! In this two-part series, we are taking a dive into the reasons why both birth mothers and adoptive parents typically choose to use adoption agencies over independent routes of finding children. In part one, we discussed why adoption agencies are a common safe haven for birth mothers in deciding where their babies should be placed. In today’s post, we will continue the conversation from the adoptive parents’ point of view.

Why Hopeful Parents Choose to Use Adoption Agencies

On the other end of building successful families through adoption are hopeful parents. Couples searching for their children may be presented with many options including taking over guardianship of family members, fostering, foster-to-adopt, or finding a birth mother independently or through an agency. Of all these options, unanimous feedback suggests that using an adoption agency makes adoptive parents feel most at ease and results in positive outcomes. Here are just a few reasons why hopeful families choose to use an adoption agency.

Screening and fraud protection.

Hopeful parents have invested a lot of time and money into finding and adopting their child. Most adoptive parents have endured a mountain of paperwork, assessments, and meetings to get to the point of being matched with a birth mother. When they are presented with the opportunity to adopt their child, it is a significant emotional event. Tragically, many independent adoption situations and fostering do not result in the successful adoption of a child. While some of these circumstances are not malicious and are the result of changed minds or successful reunions of the child with their birth parents, this can be devastating to hopeful parents. Adoption agencies can help reduce these outcomes by conducting a more thorough screening of birth parents and their situations as well as preventing fraud or false promises. This helps to give peace of mind to waiting families.

Completing the legal legwork.

The adoption process is a legal matter that requires several steps to complete. One misfiled document or missing signature can cause delays in the legal process or compromise the potential success of the adoption altogether. When you work with an adoption agency, the experts at the agency have been through the process and can ensure it is done correctly.

Prenatal care for the birth mother.

One of the best assurances that adoption agencies offer birth mothers and hopeful parents alike, is prenatal care. In other situations, prenatal care may be unknown or absent, based on the situation or circumstances of pregnancy. When a birth mother presents to an adoption agency, whether she has made the decision to give her baby up for adoption yet or not, she will be set up with prenatal care services in the best interest of the baby. When an adoption agency like AIM Adoptions is involved, adoptive parents can rest assured that the birth mother had access to proper prenatal care and nutrition services. All birth mothers are tested for drug use and infection to ensure the adoptive parents can make well-informed decisions.

Communication coordination and advocacy.

In addition to matching and initiating contact between birth mother and hopeful parents, adoption agencies can help facilitate communication between the parties during the entire process. Sometimes communication support is not necessary by the agency, but in some situations, the birth mother may not have regular access to communication devices or families may not be local to the birth mother. Additionally, adoption agencies can function as the liaison between birth mothers and adoptive parents in the legal or medical aspect where direct conversations may be uncomfortable. Adoption agencies also offer advocacy for all parties to ensure that each is granted fair outcomes.

Other benefits and reasons for both birth mothers and adoptive parents to choose to use AIM Adoption agency includes:

  • Health insurance and hospital coordination
  • Counseling and support services
  • Professional matching services for best outcomes
  • Strong Christian values
  • Follow-up and ongoing care and support

To learn more about the benefits of the adoption services offered by AIM adoptions, visit us online and contact us.