AIM Adoption in Houston is adoption right for your family

The desire to be a parent can be a strong one. After all, you want a child to share your life with, to raise to be an outstanding member of society, and to show them the wonders in life. Parenthood is a wonderful blessing, and no doubt a gift from God. You’ve wanted a child all your own for a while now. But it just hasn’t happened yet. Should you adopt?

AIM Adoptions is a Christian-based adoption agency based in Houston that helps join birth mothers with waiting adoptive families. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping those who cannot keep their baby find loving forever homes in the state of Texas. We support everyone in this difficult, emotional journey. Below, we’ll offer up some helpful advice for those who are on the fence about adoption. Contact us today to learn more!


Why Do You Want a Baby?

For many, this is obvious, yet if you have been struggling with infertility, the decision to adopt is not an easy one. After all, many people want a biological child of their own. Many women want to carry a baby, to satisfy that deep need of theirs. Many men want to pass on their genes and have a child that looks like them. Many want a baby that is part them, which is where part of the immediate bond comes into play. After trying for a while — sometimes years — giving up on the hope can feel like failure. However, if you still want a family, newborn adoption is always an option.

Is the Timing Right?

Many will say that the timing for a baby is never right. After all, a baby is frankly expensive, from diapers to clothes and doctor’s visits. New parents are never fully prepared for parenthood, and even seasoned parents can feel overwhelmed at times. That being said, adoption does yield flexibility in terms of you can choose when you are ready to become a parent. Is your career and income steady? Do you own your home? Is your relationship with your spouse healthy? Are you in a good place? This is one of the major advantages of adoption.

Have You Researched Adoption Agencies in Your Area?

In order to fully understand the adoption process, it’s best to talk to local adoption agencies. After all, adoption agencies are experts in the entire process for your state and can answer all of your questions. Some adoption agencies may even have a list of families who have recently adopted that you could contact in order to find out their adoption experiences and story. If you do choose to adopt, finding the right adoption agency will be crucial in terms of your overall experience. AIM Adoptions operates a non-profit, Christian-based adoption agency in the state of Texas. We are passionate about supporting everyone throughout this emotional process, and we do everything we can to match birth mothers to good, Christian homes.

Can You Overcome Losses?

Adoption, while most needed, is not the way God designed children to come into this world. Children are a gift from God, and when given, they are supposed to be given to a loving home where they will be cherished, taught about the world, and prepared for the world around them. However, our world is not perfect like God’s, meaning that the ideal scenario for children no longer exists.

When you adopt, everyone is hurting. You are hurting because the child is not biologically yours. The birth mother (and sometimes the father) is hurting because they are facing life without their biological child. And the child is hurting, because they are facing life without their biological parents. Raising a child is hard; raising a child that is not biologically yours is even harder. Are you strong enough to do so?


AIM Adoptions is passionate about all of God’s children. Since 1984, we’ve placed over 1700 children with their forever families. We believe every child deserves a good home, and we’ve made it our mission to help as many children as we can. As a non-profit agency, we gladly accept donations of any amount, as well as supplies for birth mothers.

If you are looking to become one of our waiting families, we’d love to meet you! We understand that the adoption process can be daunting, and we are here to help. We answer the phone 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We believe that if you are calling us in the middle of the night that it is something that is important to you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to get you started in becoming one of our waiting families. Please fill out our online form, or give AIM Adoptions based in Houston a call today!