About Us

Texas Statewide Adoption Services

AIM Adoptions is passionate about finding the best outcomes for babies, birth mother, and waiting families. We are more than willing to work with any birth family in the state of Texas. We have traveled from one end of Texas to the other to help a birth mother make an adoption plan for her child. After all, Texas means “friendship.”

Our History

Founded in 1984 as Gulf Coast Placements, then becoming Alternatives in Motion, and now doing business as AIM Adoptions we continue to go strong! We have files for nearly 1700 children that have been adopted through our adoption agency in Houston and all of Texas. Everyone who works at AIM Adoptions has been touched by adoption in some way, so we take each case personally and can empathize well. Recently, we were referred to as the “Cadillac of adoption agencies.” We believe in what we do!