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Dear AIM Family,

As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, the leaders of AIM wish to express our gratitude to the adoptive parents, called by Christ Jesus, to receive the gift of a child through the alternative means of adoption.

We know from years of experience, this choice was seldom the original plan of the adoptive parents, but a perfect plan orchestrated in love through the will of our Heavenly Father.  A Father, who worked through the pains of sin, disappointment, and tragedy to reveal His enduring love.  And we, as workers in His ministry, are grateful to have seen and experienced, His loving wisdom of placing each precious baby in the perfect home.  A home where He then equipped the family with all His resources to care, love, nurture, and train these wonderful creations into the individuals He created them to be.

In recent years, the adoption alternative has been transitioning as birthmothers, for a variety of reasons, are deciding against placing their child for adoption and foreign adoption has also become more difficult and less available.  This transformational trend is not expected to change at any time in the future.

So, we at AIM, have been prayerfully asking ABBA Father, how He wishes to use the ministry of AIM in these new and uncertain times.

As most of you involved in the ministry know, with our mission to care for the birthmother, on average 80% of the adoption fees, paid by our many loving adoptive parents, go to the cost of supporting the birthmothers for healthcare, shelter, counseling, and legal fees.  He has always provided, but with only 3 adoptions in 2021 and the expectation of only 1 adoption in 2022, He is graciously using our immediate financial trials for the purpose of transforming our hearts and minds as He transitions His ministry for a much larger vision and reach.



A vision where He can use the trust and reputation He has created through AIM among adoptive parents, to reach those truly in need of forever homes.


Those children who no longer have birthparents.  These are the hundreds of children, languishing in the foster care system in Texas, kids in which their parents’ rights have been terminated, children ready for adoption, but without the Church, children that will never know the love of a forever home.



In recent weeks, God has connected us with many truly godly people, through whom God has already been working.  These are Christian ministries that are working within the foster care system, opening doors, where potential adoptive parents, can utilize the gifts and credentials of AIM, to adopt their forever child through the foster care system just as we have for thirty years through the open adoption process.

AIM will be the adoptive parents’ Christian advocate.  We will work to minimize the burdens of working directly through the foster care system.   Though AIM will continue to be there for any birth mom that wishes to place her newborn, we will broaden God’s ministry reach with this new branch of the family tree, the ABBA Kids, branch.

As we continue to seek out available resources and additional training required by the state to fulfill God’s dream for this ministry, we have the following requests.



  1. ABBA Father gives us courage and peace as He directs us in this transition.
  2. AIM is obedient, transparent, and accountable with His blessing and resources.
  3. The Spirit of Christ grants wisdom and understanding as these doors are opened.
  4. God continues His miraculous work in the hearts of parents, who He has already transitioned to a heart for adoption.
  5. The Church is awakened to Christ’s command to care for the orphan; to show them His love, provision, and refuge, through His chosen disciples.



We have received 2 gifts in recent weeks, which properly administered can keep AIM afloat for the very near future.  However, we also recognize, after speaking with godly advisors who are invested in AIM spiritually and emotionally, financial accountability is imperative as we go forward.  Therefore, we are working with several businessmen who love AIM and are highly skilled in both financial and budget strategy and implementation.  They have agreed to shepherd us through establishing a budget and maintaining the recordkeeping necessary to keep us accountable to ABBA Father and our supporters and donors.

In discussions with other ministries, that are open and willing to assist with resources, knowledge, and discernment of the system, we feel it will take six (6) months to become fully operational.

In all times, we remember scripture that God has given us, and are reminded of James 1: 27 Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you (NLT).

We are sending you this letter, sharing a God-sized opportunity to invest in this work He is allowing us to be a part of.  We trust that the trials we are experiencing are God’s call to redirect His ministry, to work with His Church, in this significant call to care for the orphan.

In summary, AIM will continue to provide our infant adoption services, but we will now have a new branch: ABBA Kids. This new branch will match adoptive families with foster children 0-18 years of age, in which parental rights have already been terminated.  If you would like to be a part of doing God’s work and solving a broken foster system, please give below at or mail your check to the address listed above.


In HIS Service,


Denise Sowders, M.Ed.

Executive Director


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