Rosario and Marco

We feel very fortunate that you have chosen to consider our family to raise your child. We are so exited to be once again embarking on the journey of adoption to again grow our family with the grace of God.

One of the greatest joys in our almost 8 years of marriage was when we finally brought our daughter home with us to be a part of our family. We understand the sacrifice of her birth mother, and are grateful to her for giving us the opportunity to expand our family.

We believe that we are ready to once again expand our family and we know that our two children will be the best of friends. Our extended family and friends are also excited for us, as they await the new member of our family. For a long time we prayed for children, we feel very blessed there was a person in this world that selected us to be the parents of our daughter. We know that he will once again perform this miracle for us, and place another child in our lives.